Parts List:
Manufacturer Item Part # Price Notes
Mitsubishi TD05H-14B Turbo MD $150 dsmtrader
Mitsubishi Compressor Outlet Pipe MD $10 dsmtrader
Mitsubishi 1G BOV MD $40 dsmtrader
Tial 35mm Wastegate,.3Bar spring, flanges None $264 ctcmotorsports
Saab 900 Turbo Intercooler None $53 ebay
Monroe Intecooler Pipe w/ BOV flange None $32 2.5" 90 degree bent pipe
K&N Cone Filter None $40 Advance Auto
Red Line Exhaust Custom Uppipe and Downpipe None $500 2" Uppipe, 2.5" Downpipe, catless, wastegate dump
Turbohoses 2"-3" Transition T23Blu $33.61 Intake to compressor inlet
Turbohoses 2.0"-2.5" Transition T2212Blu $27.48 Compressor outlet to IC pipe
Turbohoses 2.5" Coupler C212212Blu $14 IC pipe to IC inlet
Turbohoses 2.5"-2.75" Transition T212234Blu $29.72 IC outlet to TB
Mitsubishi Oil Return Pipe MD150523 $25 dsmtrader, Connects to turbo and -10AN line
Earls -10AN Steel Braided Line EAR-303010 $19.95 summit racing, connects oil pipe to oil pan
Earls 45 Degree -10AN Hose End EAR-304610 $18.50 summit racing
Earls -10AN Bulkhead fitting None $20 summit racing, connects line to pan
Mitsubishi Oil Feed Pipe MD239830 $25 dsmtrader, banjo connector to turbo from -4AN line
Earls -4AN Steel Braided Line EAR-303004 $14.95 summit racing, oil feed line
Earls -4AN to 1/8"NPT Adaptor EAR-981604 $1.75 summit racing, connect the line to the block
Autometer 1/8"NPT to BSPT Connector ATM-2269 $10.69 summit racing, connect the line to the block
Subaru Main Galley Oil Plug 1102AA210 $6.55 dealer, plug for block, tapped with 1/8"BSPT
NGK Cold Copper Spark Plug BKR7E-11 $5.60 Advance Auto
Vortech FMU 6Z110-113 $153.30 Crappy, no longer using
Walbro 255lph HF Fuel Pump 241 $110 kastle's korner
Subaru Fuel Pressure Regulator None $120 dealer, same as stock 98 regulator, no need to buy
Autometer Sport Comp Boost Gauge ATM-3301 $42.95 summit racing
Autometer Sport Comp Pyrometer Kit ATM-3344 $125.69 summit racing
Autometer Sport Comp Mech Fuel Pressure ATM-3312 $35.95 summit racing, get electronic one instead
Autometer Fuel Pressure Isolator ATM-5283 $125.69 summit racing, get electronic one instead
Autometer Sport Comp A/F Ratio Gauge ATM- $ summit racing
Autometer Dual Pod ATM-20590 $24.95 summit racing
Apex'I SAFC2 None $280 nasioc
Apex'I ITC None $175 nasioc
Clutchmasters FX100 Clutch Kit None $400 nasioc
Misc 1.5" Clear Pool Vacuum Hose None $3 home depot, BOV return line
Misc 3mm, 6mm, .5", .75" vacuum/heater hoses None $20 advance auto, connects vacuum lines, pcv lines, and breathers
Misc Hose Clamps None $10 home depot, connects everything
Misc Nuts and bolts None $15 home depot

This will get updated as new parts get put on and opinions about the parts are made.

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